Break The Chain

by Michael Hudman on December 15, 2010

Just some food for thought.

In the last two weeks, Memphis has lost some great restaurants, but Thursday, my wife and I drove past chain restaurants whose parking lots were all full.

I wonder why in such a food city with as much history and culture, and great chefs, that chain restaurants keep on thriving. More and more local restaurants are closing. There are new shopping centers opening then the first thing to pop up is an eyesore of a steakhouse that offers steaks for $4.99 and you can throw your peanuts on the floor. Is this where we really want to eat?
Having a never ending salad bowl or never ending pasta bowl is not the answer. We do not have to eat like this to be satisfied. To me knowing where your food comes from and supporting local businesses is way more satisfying. The farmer that grows the veggies or raises the pig is satsfying to me. It is all about knowing your food. That’s why our motto is “Know Your Food.”

And your local businesses give back to your community. A couple of weeks ago, at the March of Dimes Signature Chefs event, we saw all of our friends–local chefs– giving back to the local area. Think about any event that you go too. Who’s there? Local restaurants. Who aren’t? Chains.

Just some food for thought next time you are trying to find some place to eat. Memphis is full of amazing restaurants, locally owned places. Please let me know what you think and tell me if I am wrong or any ways you help out all the local restaraunts.

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